Revising curricular matrices in an innovative pedagogical project: ways of strengthening interprofessional health education

Patricia Rios Poletto Andrea Perosa Saigh Jurdi About the authors


This article describes the revision process of the curricular matrices of the undergraduate health courses held at Baixada Santista campus of Universidade Federal de São Paulo from 2014 to 2015 based on interprofessional education. Longitudinal (series of lectures with discussion) and transverse activities (five workshops) were conducted. The process brought to light the necessary paths to strengthen interprofessional education. The experience created an opportunity to bring together all agents involved in the education of health professionals on campus, enabled adjustments in the curricular matrices of all six undergraduate health courses, and confirmed the need to reformulate the teacher development program. It enabled to continue consolidating the pedagogical project’s principles in the interprofessional education journey, ensuring education towards teamwork and comprehensive healthcare.

Health education; Curriculum; Interprofessional education; Interprofessional relations

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