Teaching qualitative health research: evaluation of an educational program based on the students' point of view

Francisco Mercado-Martínez Luz María Tejada-Tayabas Elizabeth Alcántara-Hernández Abel Mercado-Martínez Irma Xóchitl Fuentes-Uribe Brenda Trigueros-Becerra About the authors

Several educational strategies have been used to teach qualitative research. However, few studies have evaluated its processes and results, particularly from the participants' point of view. This paper reports on an evaluation of a specialization in qualitative health research from the student's perspective. The course was carried-out on four different occasions and its evaluation was a qualitative one. Approximately eighty health and social science professionals attended and evaluated the course. Triangulation methods were used for data gathering: an open-ended questionnaire, individual interviews, and participants' feed-back; a modified SWOT method was also used. Data was analyzed using content analysis. From the participants' point of view, the course allowed them to acquire knowledge on qualitative research approaches and methods and, to lesser extent, on how to write a research project. Participants encountered difficulties: lack of time, limited resources as well as lack of support. Several strategies are suggested for improving the course.

Qualitative research; Teaching; Health; Evaluation

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