Planning an interprofessional education activity for healthcare professions

Ana Paula Griggio Vivian Aline Mininel Jaqueline Alcântara Marcelino da Silva About the authors


This manuscript aims to describe the planning stage of an activity named “Interprofessional Education for workers’ health in primary care”, which aims education and training undergraduate students and healthcare services professionals on comprehensive workers’ healthcare. Planning stage was based on Action Research framework, with the participation of faculties and students from different health courses from a federal university, in weekly workshops. Data were gathered through participative observation and registered in a field diary, which was synthetized and then validated by the group. From this experience, we expect to share the potentialities of construction of an Interprofessional Education activity, regarding different perspectives and views from transversal issues in education for healthcare professions, as workers’ health.

Comprehensive healthcare; Interprofessional relations; Higher education; Workers’ health

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