Partnership, empowerment and local development

Asociación, empoderamiento y desarrollo local

Parceria, empoderamento e desenvolvimento local

Partenariat, autonomisation et dévelopment local

Mário Vasconcellos Ana Maria Vasconcellos About the authors

This paper tries to understand how partnership between local organisations (associations, cooperatives, worker's unions and others) and Government affects local development. It explores to what extent partnership is an effective strategy for local development in areas of historical conflict between local Government and the local organisations that defend the interests of family-based, small-scale rural producers. Particularly, this paper concentrates on debate of partnership as a mechanism of power sharing and empowerment of the people that historically have been excluded from the development process. Empirically, the paper is based on data collected in the municípios of Ourém and Igarapé-Miri, Northeast of Para State, Amazonia, Brazil.

Partnership; Empowerment; Local Development

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