The mediatization, the bicycle narratives and the media phenomena

Demétrio de Azeredo Soster About the author


It analyzes narratives published in printed books whose reports refer, completely or partially, to the personal transformations occurred as a result of the use of the bicycle as a form of tourism or leisure. In particular “bicycle narratives”, or “cyclotouristic”, understood as “(...) reports, textual, imagery or sound, structured from bicycle trips, therefore phatic, for tourist or entertainment purposes” (SOSTER, 2017, 2018). We are disturbed by the axiom according to which a) bicycles transform, generally for the better, people. But, also, the assumption that the b) materiality of the senses resulting from this phenomenon is due to the complexities provoked by the process of mediatization in the circumscribed grammars. This is an analysis of a qualitative nature (DEMO, 2000), with a discursive approach, following the model of Veron (2004).

Bicycle narratives; Cycloturistic narratives; Cycling; Midiatization; Sense

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