Theoretical contributions to research in the field of ournalism. Senses and meanings from the Intellectual Creator Field

Gustavo Adolfo León-Duarte About the author


The academic habitus present in the structure of the field of journalistic research in Spain develops a tendency towards the loss of conceptual theoretical works. Developing the bases of qualitative research using techniques and procedures of the constant comparison method, the text aims to integrate, in descriptive and predictive terms, the construct, factors and indicators of a theoretical core that brings real value to the field of journalism research. The study defines, from the theoretical integration of the Intellectual Creator Field (ICF) category, the effective contribution of Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory to the field of journalism research as long as the constructed theoretical model could be used to observe, describe and explain the behavior of journalistic production, circulation and consumption practices. The theoretical proposal could mean not only a form of reflective commitment but also an alternative practical proposal to the dominant research strategies as it defines an effective contribution to explain and predict the historical and present behavior of the structure and distribution of the scientific capital of the field as well as achieving a coherent representation of the uses and meanings in its meta-investigation.

Research; Journalism; Intellectual Creator Field; Interdisciplinarity

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