The fourth narrator, the mediatization and the narratives of violence


The article observes narrative formats that we denominated as “narrative of violence”. These are socio-technical and discursive structures of symbolic character which theme relates to allegations of violence against women, children, social minorities or individual members of these social groups. The hypothesis is that the “narratives of violence” are discursive strategies mediatized whereby the system incorporates irritations of disruptive nature like in the discourses of violence. In doing so, they re-semanticizing the same, contributing to systemic stability and allowing the emergence of a fourth narrative extract from the categorization proposed by Genette (1988), in Literature theory, and Motta (2013), in Communication theory. The methodological approach is qualitative (DEMO, 2000); the sample analyzed is intentional by criterion (FRAGOSO; RECUERO; AMARAL, 2011).

System; Narrative; Fourth narrator; Mediatiziation; Circulation

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