Density estimates and conservation of Leopardus pardalis southernmost population of the Atlantic Forest

Estimativas de densidade e aspectos de conservação da população Leopardus pardalis mais austral da Mata Atlântica

Carlos B. Kasper Fábio D. Mazim José B. G. Soares Tadeu G. de Oliveira About the authors


Using camera traps and capture/recapture analyses we recorded the presence and abundance of cat species at Turvo State Park, in southern Brazil. Ocelot [Leopardus pardalis (Linnaeus, 1758)] population density was estimated for two areas of the park, with differing management profiles. Density estimates varied from 0.14 to 0.26 indiv. km2. Another five cat species were recorded at very low frequencies, precluding more accurate analyses. We estimate 24 to 45 ocelots occur in the reserve, which is probably too small for long-term maintenance of the population, if isolated. However, if habitat integrity and connectivity between the Park and the Green Corridor of Misiones is maintained, an estimated ocelot population of 1,680 individuals should have long-term viability.

Panthera; Puma; sympatric cats; camera trap; capture/recapture

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