Assemblage of immature Odonata (Insecta, Anisoptera) in streams of the Mato Grosso do Sul State: spatial implications

Assembleia de imaturos de Odonata (Insecta, Anisoptera) em riachos sul-matogrossenses: implicações espaciais

Juliane A. C. Soares Valéria F. Batista-Silva Daiane D. Boneto Dayani Bailly Milza C. F. Abelha Iana A. D. V. de Oliveira About the authors


This study investigated the assemblages attributes (composition, abundance, richness, diversity and evenness) and the most representative genera of Odonata, Anisoptera at Água Boa and Perobão Streams, Iguatemi River basin, Brazil. Both are first order streams with similar length that are impacted by riparian forest removal and silting. Quarterly samplings were conducted from March to December 2008 in the upper, intermediate and lower stretch of each stream. The Mantel test was used to check the influence of spatial autocorrelation on the Odonata composition. Spatial variations in the composition were summarized by the Principal Coordinates Analysis (PCoA) using Mantel test residuals. The effects of spatial correlation on richness and abundance were investigated by the spatial correlogram of Moranʼs I coefficients. The most representative genera in each stream were identified by the Indicator Value Method. The spatial variations in the attributes of the assemblages were assessed using analysis of variance of null models. We collected 500 immature individuals of 23 genera and three families. Among the attributes analyzed only the composition and abundance showed significant spatial differences, with the highest mean abundance found in the Perobão Stream. Miathyria and Zenithoptera were the indicator genera of the Água Boa Stream and Erythrodiplax, Libellula, Macrothemis, Progomphus and Tramea were the indicator genera of the Perobão Stream.

Aquatic invertebrates; Iguatemi River basin; lotic environments; odonatofauna

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