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Description and ecological notes on Isoctenus malabaris sp. nov. (Araneae, Ctenidae) from southern Brazil

Descrição e notas ecológicas de Isoctenus malabaris sp. nov. (Araneae, Ctenidae), do Sul do Brasil

Daniele Polotow Antonio D. Brescovit Ricardo Ott About the authors

A new species, Isoctenus malabaris, is described from southern Brazil. This spider was abundantly collected with pitfall traps at Araucaria Forests (Mixed Ombrophilous Forest) domain. The activity of this species was studied in three distinct habitats (primary and secondary forests and silvicultures) during 20 months. A bimodal seasonal activity pattern, of males, was observed. Abundance differences of this species between habitats were not significant.

Neotropical region; spiders; taxonomy; phenology

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