Novelties from a cave lace bug (Heteroptera, Tingidae): first nymphal description with a discussion on the morphological patterns of Vianaidinae immatures

Novidades de um tingídeo de caverna (Heteroptera, Tingidae): primeira descrição ninfal com uma discussão sobre os padrões morfológicos de imaturos de Vianaidinae

Marcus Guidoti Aline Barcellos Rodrigo L. Ferreira About the authors

A nymph of Thaumamannia Drake & Davis, 1960, a rare vianaidine genus known only from adults, is described by the first time. The specimens were collected in the soil and walls of caves located in the state of Pará, Brazil. This is the first record of Vianaidinae for Brazil. The T. vanderdrifti fifth instar is compared with the same stadium of Anommatocoris coleopteratus (Kormilev, 1955), the only other vianaidine nymph described so far, and patterns between them and within the family are also discussed.

Brazil; immatures; Neotropical; Thaumamannia

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