Comparison of chiropterofauna at forested and open areas of "RPPN Fazenda Bom Retiro", Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Luis F. Menezes Jr Ana C. Duarte Maycon D. Contildes Adriano L. Peracchi About the authors


We carried out ten sampling sessions in 2013 at Bom Retiro Farm: five in a forested area, located inside the forest, and five in an open area, approximately 600 m away from each other. The same capture effort was used in both areas, and collection has always been carried out on the same day in both areas. The forested area was more diverse, being captured 256 bats, all of Phyllostomidae, belonging to 14 species; Carollia perspicillata (n = 112), Sturnira lilium (n = 46), Desmodus rotundus (n = 25), were the most captured. In the open area we captured 153 individuals of four families: Phyllostomidae was represented by Carollia perspicillata (n=52), Desmodus rotundus (n=39), Artibeus lituratus (n=24), the most captured. A higher diversity in forested area ( Hʼ 1.812 ), where there should be more resources and shelters, and consequently more protection.

Bats; captures; diversity

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