Gonadal hybrid dysgenesis in Drosophila sturtevanti (Diptera, Drosophilidae)

The occurrence of hybrid dysgenesis was investigated in Drosophila sturtevanti Duda, 1927 using diagnostic crosses similar to those used for induction of dysgenics traits in D. melanogaster. Reciprocal test crosses were made, at 27° C, between an old laboratory strain of D. sturtevanti (COL, from Colombia), assumed to be an M'-like strain, and eight freshly collected strains from several natural populations. The gonadal dysgenesis indices were under 10% in most of crosses, except in hybrids of COL with I27, a strain from Minas Gerais (Brazil), in which the index values were moderate in both directions of crosses (25.71 and 12.87). The smallest productivity was also observed in hybrids of females COL mated to I27 males. No causal relationship between the observed gonadal dysgenesis and mobilization of P element or another transposable element could be effectively established.

Hybrid sterility; P element; I element; hobo element; transposable elements

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