The rediscovery of Stenogeocoris horvathi Montandon (Heteroptera, Geocoridae) in Argentina

El redescubrimiento de Stenogeocoris horvathi Montandon (Heteroptera, Geocoridae) en Argentina

Pablo M. Dellapé Gimena Dellapé Fernando Martínez About the authors


Stenogeocoris Montandon, 1913 was described to include S. horvathi based in one specimen from Córdoba Province, Argentina. The type specimen is lost and there are no records or additional material since the Montandon's description; thus, the identity of this taxon has remained uncertain until now. In this contribution, we redescribe the genus Stenogeocoris and the species S. horvathi, based on male and female specimens, including characters from the male genitalia, and compare Stenogeocoris with the other Neotropical genera

Lygaeoidea; Geocorinae; redescription; Chubut Province

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