Separation of acid diterpenes of Copaifera cearensis huber ex ducke by flash chromatography using potassium hydroxide impregnated silica gel

Various acid diterpenes of Copaifera cearensis Huber ex Ducke were isolated from the crude extract by flash Silica Gel/Potassium Hydroxide Chromatography. The main components were identified by GC-MS analyses. Further fractionation by reversed phase (RP) semi-preparative HPLC allowed isolation and identification of minor components and provided additional spectral data of those compounds. It was possible to detect the presence of eleven acid diterpenes in addition to a sesquiterpene acid. In addition to potassium hydroxide deposition on the silica surface, the presence of Si-OK residues, resulting from a cation exchange process, was established.

Copaifera cearensis; acidic diterpene fraction; GC-MS analysis; silica gel

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