Effects of human serun albumin in some biological properties of rhodium(II) complexes

The affinities for human albumin (HSA) of five rhodium(II) complexes of general formula [Rh2(bridge)4] (bridge = acetate, propionate, butyrate, trifluoroacetate and trifluoroacetamidate) were determined by spectrophotometry. In the case of the alkylcarboxylates, an inverse correlation of affinity with their liposolubilities was observed. Diffusion of the free or protein-bound complexes into Ehrlich cells in vitro seems to be primarily governed by the hydrophobic character of the complex. The complex [Rh2(tfc)4] exhibited affinity towards the protein (K = 214.1) as well as cell partition both in the absence (32.1%) and presence (48.6%) of HSA. The compound HSA: [Rh2(tfc)4] has had its antitumoral action in tumor-bearing Balb-c mice investigated, showing that HSA can be a drug reservoir for the rhodium complex.

rhodium; human serum albumin; binding constant; antitumor

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