Electrochemical Comparative Study of Riboflavin, FMN and FAD Immobilized on the Silica Gel Modified with Zirconium Oxide

Miyuki Yamashita Simone S. Rosatto Lauro T. Kubota

Modified carbon paste electrodes were prepared by the adsorption of flavin on a silica gel modified with zirconium oxide (Si:Zr:flavin). The electrochemical behavior of immobilized riboflavin, FMN and FAD was investigated. The formal potentials, Eº´, for the flavins in these electrodes were found to be -0.46 V vs. SCE, this being similar to their values obtained in solution. Their Eº´ values remained pH dependent with certain invariance for riboflavin between 4 and 5. The composition of the supporting electrolyte did not affect the Eº´ with exception of Ca2+, but in buffer systems and especially in phosphate a good rate of electron transfer was observed. The differences verified in the electrochemical behavior and UV-visible absorption spectra among the immobilized flavins are discussed in terms of different kinds of interaction.

flavin; carbon paste electrode; silica gel; zirconium oxide

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