Synthesis of unstable cyclic peroxides for chemiluminescence studies

Fernando H Bartoloni Marcelo A. de Oliveira Felipe A Augusto Luiz Francisco M. L Ciscato Erick L Bastos Wilhelm J Baader About the authors

Cyclic four-membered ring peroxides are important high-energy intermediates in a variety of chemi and bioluminescence transformations. Specifically, α-peroxylactones (1,2-dioxetanones) have been considered as model systems for efficient firefly bioluminescence. However, the preparation of such highly unstable compounds is extremely difficult and, therefore, only few research groups have been able to study the properties of these substances. In this study, the synthesis, purification and characterization of three 1,2-dioxetanones are reported and a detailed procedure for the known synthesis of diphenoyl peroxide, another important model compound for the chemical generation of electronically excited states, is provided. For most of these peroxides, the complete spectroscopic characterization is reported here for the first time.

organic peroxides; diphenoyl peroxide; 1,2-dioxetanones; α-peroxylactones; chemiluminescence

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