Prevalence and factors associated with chronic kidney disease among hospitalized patients in a university hospital in the city of São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Natalia Alencar de Pinho Giovânio Vieira da Silva Angela Maria Geraldo Pierin About the authors


Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major public health problem worldwide. Nonetheless, little is known about its features in Brazil.


To identify prevalence and factors associated with CKD among hospitalized patients in a university hospital.


We randomly selected 826 medical records of patients admitted in 2009 in the medical inpatient unit. We defined CKD as the presence of medical diagnosis or personal history. We collected a number of clinical and demographic information and these variables were compared between patients with and without CKD.


CKD prevalence was 12.7%. Patients with CKD differed from patients without (p < 0.05) regarding to: living with a partner (59.8% vs. 47.3%), older age (65.8 ± 15.6 vs. 55.3 ± 18.9 years-old), more comorbidities as hypertension (75.2% vs. 46.3%), diabetes (49.5% vs. 22.4%), dyslipidemia (23.8% vs. 14.9%), acute myocardial infarction (14.3% vs. 6.0%) and congestive heart failure (18.1% vs. 4.3%); length of hospitalization (11 (8-18) vs. 9 (6-12) days); and death occurrence (12.4% vs. 1.4%). The logistic regression analysis showed an independent association (OR, odds ratio, CI, confidence interval 95%) of CKD with age (OR 1.019, CI 1.003 to 1.036), hypertension (OR 2.032, CI 1.128 to 3.660), diabetes (OR 2.097, CI 1.232 to 3.570) and congestive heart failure (OR 2.665, CI 1.173 to 6.056).


CKD prevalence among patients in a medical inpatient unit was high and CKD patients were more complex, as they were older and had a great number of co-morbidities, reflecting a greater risk of death during hospitalization.

hypertension; kidney failure, chronic; risk factors

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