Star fruit as a cause of acute kidney injury

Karilla Lany Scaranello Valeria Regina de Cristo Alvares Daniely Maria Queiroz Carneiro Flávio Henrique Soares Barros Thais Marques Sanches Gentil Myriam José Thomaz Benedito Jorge Pereira Mariana Batista Pereira Graziella Malzoni Leme Mary Carla Esteves Diz Sandra Maria Rodrigues Laranja About the authors

The star fruit belongs to the family Oxalidacea, species Averrhoa carambola. It is rich in minerals, vitamin A, C, B complex vitamins and oxalic acid. Recent studies show that the toxicity of the fruit differs between the patients and may be explained by single biological responses, age, and the intake quantity of the neurotoxin in each fruit in addition to glomerular filtration rate given by each patient. Additionally, the nephrotoxicity caused by the fruit is dose-dependent and may lead to the deposition of crystals of calcium oxalate intratubular, as well as by direct injury to the renal tubular epithelium, leading to apoptosis of the same. We report the case of a patient who after ingestion of the juice and fresh fruit, developed acute renal failure requiring dialysis, evolving with favourable outcome and recovery of renal function.

acute kidney injury; calcium oxalate; fruit

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