Chikungunya in a kidney transplant recipient: a case report

Renato Demarchi Foresto Daniel Wagner de Castro Lima Santos Maria Amélia Aguiar Hazin Alejandro Túlio Zapata Leyton Nayara Cordeiro Tenório Laila Almeida Viana Marina Pontello Cristelli Hélio Tedesco Silva Júnior José Osmar Medina Pestana About the authors


In 2004, a global spread of Chikungunya fever affected most tropical and subtropical regions of the world. In 2016, an outbreak occurred in Northeast Brazil with hundreds of cases documented. Solid organ transplant recipients have a modified immune response to infection and the clinical course is usually different from immunocompetent patients. The diagnosis can be challenging in this population. Most reports describe patients residing in endemic areas, although we must emphasize the importance of differential diagnosis in kidney transplanted travelers who visit endemic regions, such as Northeast Brazil. Here, we reported a case of a kidney transplant recipient that acquired Chikungunya fever after a trip to an endemic region at Northeast Brazil during the outbreak in 2016, with a good clinical evolution. We also present warning recommendations for travelers to endemic areas as additional measures to prevent disease outbreaks.

Chikungunya virus; Kidney Transplantation; Arbovirus Infections; Immune Tolerance

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