Respiratory therapy in pleural empyema: a systematic review of the literature

Some techniques used in respiratory therapy are not based on sound scientific evidence. The misuse of such techniques can be harmful in terms of adverse effects and may not be cost-effective. A systematic review of the literature was performed using the Oldmedline, Medline, Cinahl and Lilacs databases, as well as the registry of clinical trials registered by the Cochrane Library and National Institutes of Health. The focus of the review was on trials addressing the efficacy of respiratory therapy in treating pleural empyema in children, adolescents and adults. No such trials were found. We can conclude that there is a lack of data regarding the efficacy of respiratory therapy in pleural empyema. In order to provide such data, clinical trials are warranted.

Empyema pleural; Evidence-based medicine; Physical therapy techniques; Review [Publication Type]; Randomized controlled trials

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