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Minimally invasive bronchoscopic resection of benign tumors of the bronchi

Ascedio Jose Rodrigues David Coelho Sérvulo Azevedo Dias Júnior Márcia Jacomelli Paulo Rogério Scordamaglio Viviane Rossi Figueiredo About the authors

OBJECTIVE: Primary benign tumors of the trachea and main bronchi are uncommon. Interventional bronchoscopy allows the diagnosis and the treatment of some of these lesions. METHODS: We reviewed four cases endoscopically treated at our institution. RESULTS: Two patients had hamartoma, and two patients had endobronchial lipoma. In all of the cases, the interventional technique for the resection was the use of a polypectomy snare and electrocautery. The only complication reported was one episode of bronchospasm. CONCLUSIONS: Minimally invasive bronchoscopic resection is a safe, effective method for treating selected benign tumors of the main airway and has a low complication rate.

Bronchoscopy; Bronchial neoplasms; Hamartoma; Lipoma

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