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Minimally invasive bronchoscopic resection of benign tumors of the bronchi

OBJECTIVE: Primary benign tumors of the trachea and main bronchi are uncommon. Interventional bronchoscopy allows the diagnosis and the treatment of some of these lesions. METHODS: We reviewed four cases endoscopically treated at our institution. RESULTS: Two patients had hamartoma, and two patients had endobronchial lipoma. In all of the cases, the interventional technique for the resection was the use of a polypectomy snare and electrocautery. The only complication reported was one episode of bronchospasm. CONCLUSIONS: Minimally invasive bronchoscopic resection is a safe, effective method for treating selected benign tumors of the main airway and has a low complication rate.

Bronchoscopy; Bronchial neoplasms; Hamartoma; Lipoma

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