Psychometric properties of the Disordered Eating Attitude Scale for adult men

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate psychometric properties of the Disordered Eating Attitude Scale (DEAS) for men. METHODS: Two hundred and twenty-eight undergraduate male students (18-39 years old) answered the DEAS, originally developed and validated for women. Internal consistency was evaluated by Cronbach's Alpha; convergent validity by comparing DEAS and the Eating Attitude (EAT) and Restraint Scale (RS) scores using Pearson's coefficient. Test-retest reliability was evaluated with a subsample (n = 38) in a month interval by means of intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC). Known-groups validity was obtained comparing scores in DEAS among undergraduate students and men with eating disorders (ED) (n = 28). RESULTS: Internal consistency of scale was 0.63. DEAS score correlated with EAT (r = 0.65) and RS (r = 0.51); ICC between test and retest was 0.948. Known-groups analysis differentiated ED patients and undergraduate students (p < 0.001). CONCLUSIONS: The scale presented adequate psychometric properties and could be used in studies with adult men, since the construct is not explored among males. Nevertheless, it is recommended to revise the scale and to develop specific instruments for male public.

Men; eating attitude; psychometrics; validity; eating disorders

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