Preliminary validation study of a Brazilian version of the Caregiver Reaction Assessment in a context of oncologic inpatients

Suzane Pereira Busatta Renata Alexandre Ferreira Luiz Gustavo Klumb-Kiesow Hudson W. de Carvalho About the authors


To adapt to Brazil a Portuguese version of the Caregiver Reaction Assessment (CRA) and generate preliminary indicators of validity and reliability for its application in caregivers of hospitalized cancer patients.


Participated voluntarily 53 caregivers responding to a sociodemographic questionnaire, the CRA and the Psychological Well-Being Scale (PWS). Unidimensionality and homogeneity of the CRA scores were evaluated using principal component and internal consistency analysis, respectively. Pearson correlations between CRA and EBEP scores were examined and used as divergent and construct validity indicators.


The five scales that comprise the CRA showed good levels of unidimensionality and homogeneity, however the financial problems and loss of physical strength scales displayed insufficient alphas (< 0.7). The total score of CRA showed high alpha coefficient (0.886). Correlations between the CRA and the PWS produced theoretically interpretable coefficients with magnitudes ranging between zero and moderate.


The CRA showed good indicators of validity and reliability. Some adaptation on the content of certain items appears to be necessary to calibrate them to the context of people assisted by services subsidized by the Sistema Único de Saúde.

Perceived overload; primary caregiver; cancer; psychological well-being; hospitalization

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