Marijuana and pregnancy: cannabis hyperemesis syndrome - Case report

Daniel Luis Tittonel Justi João Baptista Laurito Jr. Alexandre Quelho Comandule Eglinara Silva Morton About the authors


The authors report a case from the psychiatric department of a general hospital (Santa Casa de Misericordia at Sorocaba city, São Paulo, Brazil). A patient, 19-year-old, pregnant woman, marijuana chronic user, presenting abdominal pain, psychomotor agitation, unmanageable nausea, severe vomiting, not responsive to antiemetic drugs, associated with compulsive hot water showering. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome is sub-diagnosed and rare, characterized by those three symptoms: heavy marijuana use, vomiting and repeated hot showering. There is no prior report in Brazilian medical literature. This paper aims to emphasize the importance of recognizing and categorizing this syndrome and its correlation to marijuana use. Main treatment is supportive care, withdrawing substance and supportive carries to suspension of marijuana use as well as clinical complications prevention.

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome; marijuana and hot shower; cyclic vomiting syndrome; hyperemesis gravidarum

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