Cross-cultural adaptation of Sexually Transmitted Disease Knowledge Questionnaire to Portuguese of Brazil

Lisiane Ortiz Teixeira Vera Lúcia Marques Figueiredo Raúl Andrés Mendoza-Sassi About the authors


To adapt the Sexually Transmitted Disease Knowledge Questionnaire (STD-KQ) for the Portuguese of Brazil.


The instrument was translated to Portuguese and back-translate to English to independently. Six judges participated of the face validity and content validity. Content validity was measured by the Content Validity Coefficient for each item (CVCc) and for the whole questionnaire (CVCt). The discussion was established with focus groups formed with 15 users of community center and 15 college students. The theoretical dimension of the instrument was calculated using the kappa coefficient.


One item was retired because of a lower content validity (CVCc < 0.80). Two questions about syphilis were appended. For theoretical dimension there was substantial agreement among the judges.


These results show that for clarity of language (CVCt = 0.89), relevance practice (CVCt = 0.92) and theoretical relevance (CVCt = 0.93), the proposed items seem appropriate for conducting future research on the validity construct and reliability, which will produce evidence about the applicability of this questionnaire for evaluation of knowledge in the research field.

Cross-cultural comparison; knowledge; STD; validation studies; questionnaires

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