Knowledge of undergraduate nursing course teachers on the prevention and care of peristomal skin

Conhecimentos dos docentes do curso de graduação em enfermagem sobre prevenção e cuidados com a pele periestoma

Geraldo Magela Salomé Luzicleide Freire dos Santos Helga dos Santos Cabeceira Ana Maria Marcheti Panza Maria Angela Boccara de Paula About the authors


To evaluate the knowledge of undergraduate nursing course teachers on peristomal skin care in individuals with intestinal stoma.


This is an exploratory, analytical and cross-sectional study, conducted with undergraduate nursing course teachers from two private universities in the city of São Paulo, named A and B. The sample consisted of 42 teachers/nurses, being 22 from University A and 20 from University B, who supervised the internship at Hospital Vila Nova Cachoeir-inha. With the aim to collect data, a structured questionnaire consisting of 10 questions (checklist) was used; each question in the checklist had correct and wrong answers. The teachers had to indicate with “x" the correct answer. The questionnaire was delivered to teachers/nurses on a predetermined day. Data collection was carried out on August 2006.


The majority of study participants know that stoma demarcation must be performed preoperatively, and that it is important to educate the patient about surgery, care for the stoma and on the collecting device, as well as to perform a sensitivity test for the equipment. The hygiene should be performed with mild soap and water and with a piece of clean, soft, damp cotton cloth without rubbing, and the skin must be kept dry. The hair removal should be done with curved tip scissors, cutting close to the abdominal wall.


The results showed that, although most of the participants have a basic knowledge about stomized patients care, updating and improvement are needed.

Colostomy; Ileostomy; Education; Nursing care

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