Quality of life in stomized oncological patients: an approach of integrality from Brazilian Unified Health System

Qualidade de vida de estomizados oncológicos: uma abordagem da integralidade do SUS do Brasil

Cristilene Akiko Kimura Ivone Kamada Dirce Bellezi Guilhem About the authors



Integrality is considered an essential constitutional doctrinal principle of SUS, being considered as a major challenge in health in Brazil. This involves practicing focusing on the quality of life of oncological stomized people.


To analyze quality of life of oncological stomized people from the Health Department, the Federal District, Brazil, from the perspective of integrality of the Unified Health System in Brazil.


Cross-sectional, exploratory and descriptive study with a quantitative and qualitative approach in the light of a content analysis. This was a convenience sample, including 120 patients registered in the Stomized People Program of the Health Department, the Federal District, Brazil. In this study, sociodemographic, clinical, and WHOQOL-bref questionnaires and an individual interview were used. Data were analyzed by Microsoft(r) Office Excel 2010 program and SPSS 20.0 software. Statistical significance was accepted at 5%.


Physical, Social Affairs, and Environment domains are correlated with the mean score, with statistically significant results (p < 0.0001), the content analysis resulted in three categories: complications with the stoma, self-care, and Comprehensive health care.


Our results highlight the need to realize the integrality as a principle at various levels of discussion and of the practice of health care for stomized oncological people.

Quality of life; Ostomy; Colorectal neoplasms; Integrality in Health; Unified Health System

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