Maximum Power Transfer versus Efficiency in Mid-Range Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Paulo J. Abatti Sérgio F. Pichorim Caio M. de Miranda About the authors


The condition for maximum power transfer of 2-coils wireless power transfer (WPT) system is derived from circuit analysis and discussed together with the respective WPT system efficiency (η). In the sequence, it is shown that a 4-coils WPT system (which can be divided in source, two communication and load circuits) without power losses at the two communication circuits (ideal 4-coils WPT system) presents, from maximum power transfer and efficiency point of view, a performance similar to those of a 2-coils WPT system. The exception is the influence of coupling coefficient (k): in 2-coils system η increases as k approaches one, while in ideal 4-coils WPT system η increases as k between the two communication coils approaches zero. In addition, realistic 4-coils WPT systems (with power losses at the two communication circuits) are also analyzed showing, for instance, that η presents a maximum as a function of k of the communication coils. In order to validate the presented theory, 4 coils were built, and a setup to perform 2-coils and 4-coils WPT systems has been carried out. Practical results show good agreement with the developed theory.

Index Terms
Maximum power transfer; power transfer efficiency; relative power transfer; wireless power transfer

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