Reliable Energy-Efficient Multilayer Mechanism with Realistic Battery Model and QoE Support in Wireless MANETs


Evolution in the telecommunications networks and the rapid advances made in wireless mobile communication networks, have taken computer networks to a new communication level. They now provide support for new mobile multimedia applications and are thus fostering the development of new network types and configurations. MANET is an important configuration of network for operations that employ mechanisms to enable dynamic self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing, which is a challenging task for the routing protocols, new multimedia application and the battery energy consumption of wireless and mobile devices. These protocols are challenging because battery problems are more serious in this type of network and the existing protocols are not adapted to current problems, particularly mobile multimedia streaming, that can be found in most Internet flow. This paper proposes a reliable energy-efficient multilayer mechanism to address this to make improvements in the main current protocols. The proposal adds decision metrics to an energy-efficient computational intelligence technique based on Fuzzy-System with QoE, mobility and battery guarantees, choosing the best path in an efficient and accuracy way. The proposal has been evaluated in a network simulator.

telecommunications; mobile multimedia; MANET; routing protocols; energy-efficient; QoE

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