Long Period Bragg Grating in Coaxial Transmission Lines

Sergio Luiz Stevan Jr José Jair Alves Mendes Júnior Frederich Conrad Janzen Murilo Leme Oliveira Alexandre de Almeida Prado Pohl About the authors

This work shows the utilization of a coaxial cable for the fabrication of a long period Bragg grating. The grating is fabricated removing the dielectric in short pieces of the cable so that the discontinuities account for the variation in the medium refractive index. Simulated and experimental results of the grating resonances are shown as a function of the scattering parameters S, demonstrating the feasibility of the technique. By using the sensor in the MHz frequency range cheaper electronics can be employed, which reduce the overall cost of the sensing system.

Long Period Gratings; Coaxial Transmission Lines; Bragg Gratings; Optical Fiber

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