A CPW-Fed Structure Shaped Substrate Wideband Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Applications

Amar Sharma Puneet Khanna Arun Kumar Kshitij Shinghal About the authors


A structure shaped substrate wideband microstrip patch antenna fed by coplanar waveguide (CPW) is proposed for wireless applications. Structure shaped substrate is produced by cutting the rectangle shape substrate in the form of a semicircular disc. The radiating patch of proposed antenna is taken in the form of U-shape. The ground plane is extended towards both sides of radiator for reducing the size of the antenna. The proposed antenna is simulated by Ansoft's High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS). A good agreement is observed between simulated and measured results. The prototype is taken with dimensions 24 mm × 24 mm ×1.6 mm that achieves wide bandwidth, constant group delay and good radiation patterns over the entire operating bandwidth from 3.4 to 9.4 GHz (6.0 GHz) with 93.7% impedance bandwidth at 6.4 GHz center frequency. Thus, the proposed antenna is applicable for C band applications.

Index Terms
CPW-Fed; Microstrip Antenna; Structured Substrate; Wideband

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