Open challenge for the diagnosis of cow's milk protein allergy

Fernanda Ferreira Correa Mário César Vieira Danielle Reis Yamamoto Patrícia da Graça Leite Speridião Mauro Batista de Morais About the authors

OBJECTIVES: To report the results of open challenge tests performed in children fed with cow's milk-free diet. DESCRIPTIONS: Cross-sectional study evaluating cow's milk open challenge performed under supervision in a hospital setting during 2.5 hours and ambulatory follow-up for 30 days when no immediate reaction occurred. One hundred and twenty-one patients were included, with ages between 4 and 95 months. Cow's milk open challenge tests were positive in 28 patients (23.1%). A clinical manifestation of cow's milk allergy different from the one presented at diagnosis occurred in 12 (24.9%) patients with positive challenge. Positive challenge was more frequent (p = 0.042) in patients fed with extensively hydrolyzed formulae or amino acid-based formulae (30.3%) when compared to those fed with other exclusion diets (14.5%). CONCLUSION: Open challenge allowed the interruption of exclusion diet in a significant proportion of the patients.

Milk allergy; milk protein; cow's milk; diagnosis; immunologic tolerance

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