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Lingual frenulum: changes after frenectomy

Irene Queiroz Marchesan Roberta Lopes de Castro Martinelli Reinaldo Jordão Gusmão About the authors

PURPOSE: To describe the changes after frenectomy concerning mobility and functions of the tongue. METHODS: Participants were 53 subjects who had never undergone speech therapy or lingual frenulum surgery. A specific lingual frenulum protocol with scores was used by speech-language pathologists when there was evidence of frenulum alteration. Ten subjects had abnormal frenulum and were referred to an otolaryngologist for frenectomy. After surgery, the subjects were re-evaluated using the same protocol. Photos and videos were taken for comparison. RESULTS: Thirty days after surgery, the subjects had the shape of the tip of the tongue and its movements improved. Lip closure and speech were also improved. CONCLUSION: Frenectomy is efficient to improve tongue posture, tongue mobility, oral functions, and oral communication.

Lingual frenum; Articulation disorders; Otolaryngology; Speech, language and hearing sciences; Ambulatory surgical procedures

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