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The vocal behavior of telemarketing operators before and after a working day

PURPOSE: To evaluate the vocal behavior of receptive telemarketing operators in pre- and post-work shift moments, and to relate the results to the variable gender. METHODS: Participants were 55 telemarketing operators (11 men and 44 women) working in a receptive mode in the city of Maceió (Alagoas, Brazil). A questionnaire was applied before the work shift to initially identify the vocal complaints. After that, vocal samples were recorded, comprising sustained emissions and connected speech produced 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after the workday to be later evaluated. Auditory-perceptual and acoustic analyses of voice were conducted. RESULTS: Vocal complaints and symptoms reported by the operators after the work shift were: dry throat (64%); neck and cervix pain (33%); hoarseness (31%); voice failure (26%); and vocal fatigue (22%).Telemarketing operators presented reduced maximum phonation time before and after the day of work (p=0.645). Data from the auditory-perceptual assessment of voice were similar in pre- and post-shift moments (p=0.645). No difference was found between moments also on acoustic analysis data (p=0.738). CONCLUSION: Telemarketing operators have high indexes of vocal symptoms after the work shift, and there are no differences between pre- and post-work shift in auditory-perceptual and acoustic assessments of voice.

Voice quality; Voice disorders; Occupational health; Work; Telephone; Speech acoustics; Questionnaires

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