Evolution of the physical and physiological quality of soybean seeds during processing

Qualidade física e fisiológica de sementes de soja durante o beneficiamento

Tana Balesdent Moreano Odair José Marques Alessandro Lucca Braccini Carlos Alberto Scapim José de Barros França-Neto Francisco Carlos Krzyzanowski About the authors


Seed processing or conditioning is important for improving soybean seed lot quality as it improves the physical characteristics by eliminating inert materials, weed and non-standard seeds and increases physiological quality. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of processing on physical and physiological qualities of soybean seed, before and after each equipment and transport system, during processing in a Seed Processing Plant. Samples of six cultivars were obtained during processing while seeds passed through each machine, totaling fifteen sampling sites. The experimental design was entirely randomized, treatments arranged in 15 x 6 factorial scheme, with 10 replications. Characteristics evaluated were germination; vigor by accelerated aging test; tetrazolium test for viability (TZ 1 to 5), vigor (TZ 1 to 3), weathering damage (TZ 3), mechanical damages (TZ 2 to 8), stinkbug damages (TZ 2 to 8) and moisture content. Results showed that processing improves the physiological and physical qualities of soybean seeds and enhances average quality seeds. The equipment and the system of transport (lifts and conveyor belts) used in this study did not cause mechanical damages to the seeds; the mechanical damages were mostly detected in larger seeds and stinkbug damages were found in smaller seeds; and seeds with weathering damage were neither eliminated nor reduced by any processing line.

Index terms:
Glycine max (L.) Merrill; mechanical damage; stinkbug damage; vigor; weathering damage

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