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Substrates for germination and physiological quality of storage seeds of Parapiptadenia rigida (Benth.) Brenan

Substratos para germinação e qualidade fisiológica de sementes de Parapiptadenia rigida (Benth.) Brenan durante o armazenamento

"Angico-vermelho" [Parapiptadenia rigida (Benth.) Brenan] is an arboreal forestal species native from Brazil used for rural constructions, firewood, charcoal, and forest restoration programs; however it is little studied in regard to seed technology. Thus, the objective of this study was assessing different substrates for conducting tests of germination and physiological quality of seeds stored under different environments and packings for 420 days. Firstly, the most suitable substrate for the germination test was identified and subsequently the seeds were stored into three different types of packings (paper, plastic and glass) and three different environmental conditions (cold chamber, refrigerator and laboratory). Seed samples from each storage condition were removed at every 60 days for evaluating moisture content, germination and vigor (electrical conductivity test). A completely randomized experimental design was used with treatments arranged into a split-plot design for storage periods. It was found that the germination test can be conducted using between the sand as substrate, with the first count of emergence of seedlings performed at the fourth day and the final counting at 10 days after seeding. That seeds can be stored preferably in refrigerator into paper packings, although packings of plastic and/or glass are also suitable.

angico-vermelho; seed technology; seed conservation; packings

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