Simulation of aircraft noise in the surroundings of the Ribeirão Preto airport

Antônio Carlos Dinato Ricardo Ernesto Schaal About the authors

This article presents simulations of curves of aircraft noise using the INM (Integrated Noise Model) program as well as the Transcad, in order to identify the areas in the surroundings of the airport where the population is more affected by the increase of the aircraft traffic and the climate changes. This study was initiated after the complaints made by the population living in the surroundings of the airport and received by the Prosecuting Office. The overall results indicated substantial variations in the population affected by the changes in the position of the isophonic curves between 55 and 65 dB(A) and a less expressive effect above 65dB(A). Simulations like those performed here allow one to estimate the magnitude order of the impact of aircrafts in the surroundings of the airport, guiding future data collections in the field. Discrepancies between the predicted data and the field data can be caused by noncompliance to the standards established by the flight charts, by winds of different directions and the disregard of the surrounding relief. The results showed that modifications to the landing and takeoff procedures can mitigate noise pollution.

simulation with INM; population affected by noise

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