Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis protocols at Brazilian hospitals - PROTEV Brazil

Ana Thereza Cavalcanti Rocha Thiago Brito Pinheiro Paulo Roberto Sampaio Peixoto de Souza Marcos Arêas Marques About the authors



In common with other international guidelines, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality recommends implementation of venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis programs in hospitals as a measure for patient safety. The VTE Safety Zone Program (VTESZ) proposes a model for incorporation of systematic VTE risk-assessment into hospital routines, with continuing institutional and multidisciplinary participation.


To evaluate implementation of VTE prophylaxis initiatives in Brazilian hospitals that have adhered to the VTESZ Program.


Questionnaires were e-mailed to VTESZ Program representatives at hospitals visited up to July 2016.


Of the 132 invitations sent, 68 answers were obtained and 50 (73.5%) were complete. 61.5% of participating hospitals had between 100 and 250 beds, and 65.4% had more than 20 intensive care beds; 61.5% reported having hospital accreditation, 86.3% had VTE prophylaxis committees, and 58% had electronic medical records. VTE risk assessments using the Brazilian guidelines or the Padua or Caprini scores were noted on the electronic medical record in 56.9% and were a mandatory step in 45.1% of the cases. VTE risk reassessment was requested prior to discharge in only 25% of hospitals and several issues were cited that negatively affect the VTESZ implementation process.


This study provides an overview of implementation of VTESZ in Brazilian hospitals. Systematic risk assessment is not yet conducted for most patients. Recognition of various issues affecting the process may lead to new strategies for achieving adequate prophylaxis and safety of hospitalized patients.

venous thromboembolism; prevention and control; protocols; patient care management; patient safety

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