Investigation of Deep Cold Rolling Effects on the Bending Fatigue of Brass C38500

Daniel Mombeini Amir Atrian About the authors


In this paper, the effects of deep cold rolling (DCR) process on the bending fatigue behavior of brass C38500 are investigated. Unilateral rotary bending fatigue tests were conducted by an automatic device on the basis of Moore rotary bending instrument. The treatment was done for various rolling depths (rolling forces) and one repeated pass to find the most effective conditions. It was found that rolling depth of 75 µm had the best results and could improve the fatigue life about 20% and 302% for high and low cycle fatigue regimes, respectively. At the end, the results were discussed more using both microscopic examinations and finite element (FE) simulations in ABAQUS.

Fatigue; Deep rolling; Brass; Residual stress; Finite element simulation

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