Finite Element Simulation of Interlaminar and Intralaminar Damage in Laminated Composite Plates Subjected to Impact

M. Soroush K. Malekzadeh Fard M. Shahravi About the authors


Here In this study, the composite laminates subjected to transverse impact with consideration interlaminar and intralaminar damage based on Cohesive Zone Model (CZM) and Progressive Damage Model (PDM) are investigated by numerical analysis using ABAQUS commercial finite element code. The delamination in stacking ply with the same fiber orientation is considered as interlaminar damage and the delamination in an inner layer of any cluster is ignored. Hashin criterion is used for intralaminar damage initiation and evolution without using any subroutine. First, the appropriate procedure for delamination on composite specimen was suggested based on CZM approach in double cantilever beam to verify the intralaminar damage simulation. Then by considering several case studies with different impact energies, the results of present simulation is verified with the relevant and available experimental results and numerical references in the existing literature. According to the available experimental results the present simulation results are more acceptable and accurate than the results of similar numerical works, especially in higher impactor velocity.

Polymer-matrix composites (PMCs); Finite element analysis (FEA); Damage evolution; Impact behaviour

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