The natural frequencies of composite Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board with Concrete infill (PSSDBC) system

This paper aims to measure natural frequencies of Profiled Steel Sheet Dry Board (PSSDB) with Concrete infill (PSSDBC) system. For this purpose, experimental tests by estimation of Frequency Response Function (FRF) and a numerical method by development of Finite Element Model (FEM) are used. The connection stiffness between Peva45 as Profiled Steel Sheet (PSS) and different concrete grades of 25 (C25), 30 (C30), and 35 (C35) are measured by push-out tests to be used in the FEM. The effect of presence of concrete in the PSSDB system on the natural frequencies such as Fundamental Natural Frequency (FNF) of the system is investigated. The variability in the FNF of the studied system under different parameters such as concrete grades, thicknesses of PSS and Dry Board (DB), and boundary conditions is determined. In a wide numerical study, the FNF of the PSSDBC system with practical dimensions is revealed for different lengths, widths, and boundary conditions. The results help designer predict serviceability and design criteria of the studied panels.

natural frequency; profiled steel sheet dry board; frequency response function; modal analysis; push-out test; low and high frequency floors; human comfort

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