A Doubly Curved Axisymmetric Finite Element for Subsea Sandwich Domes

C. Prabha C. G. Nandakumar About the authors


The paper focuses on the analysis of sandwich domes using a newly developed doubly curved axisymmetric sandwich finite element. The simple equivalent single layer finite element employs a cubic polynomial approximation for transverse displacement and meridional displacement. The present element accounts for the transverse shear strains of the facing and core using quadratic polynomial. The relation between inplane stresses and strains for axisymmetric deformation has been represented by a state of generalized plane stress. The stiffness matrix has been derived using the variational principle. The numerical examples have been presented to illustrate the element capabilities and accuracy of the results achieved using the newly developed sandwich shell element.

Axisymmetric; Doubly curved; Sandwich shell finite element; Transverse shear strain; Warping; Subsea; Domes

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