A mixed 3D-1D finite element formulation for analysis of geomaterial structures with embedded curvilinear inclusions: application to load transfer in mooring anchor systems

Alexandre Luis Braun André Brüch Samir Maghous About the authors


A finite element model for structural analysis of media with embedded inclusions is presented. The “embedded element concept” is adopted to model the contact interaction of two medium components along the contact interface considering a mixed 3D-1D formulation. The Mohr-Coulomb interface model is employed to define the bond-stress and bond-slip relation and strains associated with bond-slip are assumed to remain infinitesimal along the interface. Nonlinear analysis is performed with a corotational kinematics description introduced in the context of embedded approach. The problem of load transfer in mooring anchor systems was investigated and reasonable results were obtained using the present model.

embedded inclusion; bond-slip model interface; finite element modeling; embedded model; corotational kinematics

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