A Comparative Study of Joint Clearance Effects on Dynamic Behavior of Planar Multibody Mechanical Systems

Yu Chen Yu Sun Binbin Peng Chunping Cao About the authors


Clearance always exists in actual joint due to many uncertainties such as machining tolerance, assemblage and load deformation. The main purpose of this paper is to propose a computational and experimental study on the dynamic characteristics of a planar multibody mechanical system with joint clearance. For this purpose, a suitable dynamic model plays a crucial role in simulating the overall performance of the mechanical systems. To describe the interaction in joints with clearance, the normal contact model is established based on the Lankarani-Nikravesh contact force model, while the friction effect is conducted using the Coulomb friction model. Meanwhile, the experimental platform is set up and a planar mechanism with clearance joint is employed as a model mechanism. The obtained results demonstrate that the dynamic behavior of the mechanism can be effectively predicted by this method. Furthermore, the effects of the rotational speed of crank shaft and size of joint clearance on the dynamic response of the mechanism are investigated.

Multibody dynamics; revolute joint clearance; contact model; dynamic response

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