Comparison of Developed Numerical Macro and Micro Masonry Models for Static and Dynamic Analysis of Masonry-infilled Steel Frames

Goran Baloevic Jure Radnic Domagoj Matesan Nikola Grgic Ivan Banovic About the authors


First, the basic characteristics of macro and micro masonry models in numerical analyses of masonry structures are discussed. Afterwards, developed numerical macro and micro masonry models, intended for the nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of unreinforced and confined masonry walls, as well as of masonry-infilled frames, are briefly presented. The models are tested on previously performed experimental tests of masonry-infilled steel frame under horizontal static force and masonry-infilled steel frame on a shake-table. The precision of both models is compared. It is concluded that both numerical models can provide reliable results. However, the macro model has more advantages for wide practical application.

masonry macro model; masonry micro model; comparison; masonry-infilled frames

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