Modeling the Local Viscoelastic Behavior of Living Cells Under Nanoindentation Tests

Thiago André Carniel Eduardo Alberto Fancello About the authors


Aiming at multiscale numerical investigations of fibrous connective tissues, the present work proposes a finite strain viscoelastic model suitable to represent the local mechanical response of living cells in conjunction with finite element simulations of nanoindentation tests. The material model is formulated in a thermodynamically consistent framework based on a variational constitutive approach. As a case of study, a numerical investigation of the local compressible response of fibroblast cells is addressed. Moreover, a set of cyclic, stress relaxation and creep experiments are simulated in order to investigate the capability of the model to predict rate dependence of cells, showing sound agreement with experimental data. The proposed model may be used as a suitable tool for a better understanding of stiffness and energetic dissipation of cells.

Living cells; Viscoelasticity; Constitutive model; AFM nanoindentation; Multiscale

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