An Explicit Consistent Geometric Stiffness Matrix for the DKT Element

Eliseu Lucena Neto Marcus Antônio Ferreira Araripe Francisco Alex Correia Monteiro José Antônio Hernandes About the authors


A large number of references dealing with the geometric stiffness matrix of the DKT finite element exist in the literature, where nearly all of them adopt an inconsistent form. While such a matrix may be part of the element to treat nonlinear problems in general, it is of crucial importance for linearized buckling analysis. The present work seems to be the first to obtain an explicit expression for this matrix in a consistent way. Numerical results on linear buckling of plates assess the element performance either with the proposed explicit consistent matrix, or with the most commonly used inconsistent matrix.

DKT; geometric stiffness matrix; discrete Kirchhoff triangle; buckling

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