Dynamic analysis of gun barrel vibrations due to effect of an unbalanced projectile considering 2-D transverse displacements of barrel tip using a 3-D element technique

Mehmet Akif KOÇ İsmail ESEN Yusuf ÇAY About the authors


In this paper, dynamic analysis of two different weapon systems (35 mm Anti-Aircraft Barrel (AAB) and 120 mm Grooved Tank Barrel (GTB)) under the effect of statically unbalanced projectile has been performed with a new 12 DOF 3-D element technique using Finite Element Method (FEM). The muzzle deviations, which negatively affect the barrel shooting accuracy at firing, are calculated in a time dependent manner using Newmark β algorithm with high accuracy at both axes (y and z) considering the Coriolis centripedal and centrifugal forces. The effect of such fundamental physical parameters as shift from rotating center and angular velocity belonging to the unbalanced projectile on barrel dynamics are analyzed with this new and affective FEM. As a result, it was found out that 1% of a millimeter shift from projectile belonging to a weapon system leads to excessive vibration on both axes and compromises the shooting accuracy of the barrel.

Vibration of gun barrels; FEM; 2-D vibration; 3-D element; unbalanced projectile; fire accuracy; weapons

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